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Yesterday, feeling safe meant locking ourselves away at home.

Today, we celebrate the return of birthdays, weddings and a new way of life.


We help people, businesses and entire communities safely navigate the impact of infectious diseases and make it easy for them to get back to going strong.  We’re built on experience and put the best minds in scientific data, hard clinical evidence and health technologies to get us safely past Covid-19 – and to create a whole new approach to managing health. So no matter the disease, you can live your best life with freedom and confidence.

How it works for you

ProtectWell begins with simple symptom checking (based on Center of Disease Control guidelines), with:

•  A real-time technology platform that seamlessly connects people, businesses and communities to essential integrated testing, guidance, resources and more

•  Return-to-workplace and life guidance that identifies simple actions everyone can take to get going more safely and to help stay going strong

•  Tools and recommendations that are rigorously tested, backed by proven data security and decades of health company experience

In short, we’re ready to help you safely reopen, successfully do business and live life with the confidence of safe practices, safe spaces and smart information.


Protect your employees, customers and reputation

Monitor employees and customers for symptoms, and get training and safety protocols.

Higher Education

Protect your students, faculty and staff

Monitor students and staff for symptoms, and get trainings and safety protocols.

Coming Soon: Individuals 

Protect yourself, your family and your friends

Complete a daily symptom check-in, get testing and health guidance. Your employer may already be working with ProtectWell.