Employee symptom-checking increased by more than 35% in three weeks.

Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, one company sought to bring employees back to work as they created an environment informed by new protocols. The return-to-work team undertook a series of coordinated steps to help bring people back into the office, including requiring employees to use the ProtectWell app. Their pilot study, conducted over three weeks, showed that behaviors like using ProtectWell daily for symptom and exposure screening among employees could ramp up significantly in as little as three weeks.

The pilot study demonstrated quick compliance in the population. Along with using various motivations—from reminders and incentives to local ambassadors—the launch team followed a robust communication plan that addressed ongoing change and reinforced the collective benefits of symptom-checking and reporting. Each week brought a new and different focus for the launch team, all of which contributed to the sustained 80-90% adoption rate over time.

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