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About ProtectWell™

ProtectWell™ is a civic and personal health company. We make it easy for communities, businesses and people to keep going strong in the face of infectious disease.

That means we give everyone (individuals, business owners, leaders) simple ways to protect the overall health of their community, while ensuring their own safety and wellbeing.

Today's platform is designed to manage COVID-19 with:
- Return to workplace and personal guidance with easy but impactful steps for successfully re-opening and staying healthy.
- Simple and reliable technology that quickly screens for symptoms, directs actions people should take, verifies whether someone is healthy or sick, and provides reporting about the health of the community.

Places we protect

ProtectWell is working with corporations, small businesses, schools, as well as the retail and hospitality industry across the country to build a better version of our society.

Frequently asked questions

What is ProtectWellTM ?

ProtectWellTM uses scientific and health expertise, with simple symptom checking andimpactful actions to ensure you are connected to the right support. Good practices such asreasonable safeguards (symptom-checking, social distancing, maintaining hygiene, surfacecleaning, and temperature checking) have a positive impact on the reduction of transmissionwith many infectious diseases like influenza and COVID-19.

How does ProtectWellTM support return to work or return to the office?

The ProtectWell solution supports employers in their return to work activities by providingemployee-level symptom checking, the option of setting their own policies around clearancetoreturn to work and ongoing guidance. ProtectWell also offers employers workforceplanning support through dashboard views and reporting.

Who can use ProtectWell? Is this limited to customers, partners and employees of UnitedHealth Group/UnitedHealthcare?

ProtectWell will be available nationwide to employers for use with their employees and toeducation institutions for use with their employees and students. Eventually, it will beavailable to the entire U.S. population, via online sign-up. Note that ProtectWell is not tiedto health plan benefits or insurance products.

How are you protecting my data?

ProtectWell complies with applicable state and federal privacy laws. Consistent with best privacy practices, ProtectWell collects only the minimum data necessary to provide its services. ProtectWell collects a user’s responses (yes/no) to whether the user has certainCOVID-19 related symptoms and, if subscribed by the organization, the results of a user’sCOVID-19 test scheduled or reported through the ProtectWell platform. Based on the user’s response to COVID-19 symptom questions and CDC guidelines (and, where integrated testing is subscribed for, COVID-19 test results), ProtectWell shares with the organization whether the employee or student is in a higher risk category and should not return to the workplace or campus (green = cleared to return to worksite; red = stay home).Refer to the ProtectWell Privacy Policy for more privacy information.

How does ProtectWell compare to other solutions in the market?

ProtectWell includes a symptom checker for COVID-19 using CDC protocols, which offers clearance for returning to work or campus. ProtectWell also collaborates with outside partners to incorporate lab testing into return-to-work/campus protocols, if an organization chooses that option.

What type of tests are integrated with the ProtectWell App?

For customers who subscribe for integrated testing, ProtectWell works with partner organizations to administer testing. Testing will be made available through home test kits and are based on the partner organization’s specific arrangements. ProtectWell supports many different types of testing offered by its lab partners as long as the test has been FDA-approved.
Refer to the ProtectWell Privacy Policy for privacy information.

Who will use the data collected, and for what purpose?

In addition to the primary organization’s use, ProtectWell may provide de-identified data(meaning all personally identifiable information has been removed) to appropriate government entities as a resource to support national and local COVID-19 response efforts now and in the future. UnitedHealth Group Research & Development may use de-identified data to support public health, epidemiology, and research purposes to advance the fight against COVID-19. Refer to the ProtectWell Privacy Policy for privacy information.

Microsoft is providing platform services to enable ProtectWell and provides the underlying technology that enables closed-loop ordering and reporting of test results directly back to an organization or employer. Microsoft does not access user data and fully believes that users’ data is their own and that data belongs to those who generate it. For more information, please see the Microsoft Trust Center. UnitedHealth Group will manage symptom data and reporting to employers or organizations and their employees/students.

Is contact tracing included in or supported by the app?

Not at this time. We are continually evaluating technologies and options for improving ProtectWell and helping companies/schools orchestrate a safe and strategic return to worksite/campus.

How do I get started?

You can familiarize yourself with the app and return to work strategies on When you’re ready to implement, submit a contact us requested to get started. We’ll send you a contract for your review and signature. Upon receipt of the signed contract, we’ll add you to our queue to get scheduled for implementation.

The ProtectWell app and its administrative portal are not intended to provide medical advice to the Sponsor or its employees or students, and the Sponsor is solely responsible for seeking independent advice and making, in its own judgment, a determination of what the Sponsor’s own return-to-work or return-to-campus policies and practices will be. ProtectWell is designed as a means for the Sponsor to administer such policies and practices, but not as a recommendation of what those policies and practices should be. ProtectWell relies on self-reported data supplemented, when such functionality is subscribed for, by the results of third-party tests, and does not provide any relevant data when the employee or student is asymptomatic with no symptoms of illness and there are no test results (beyond the absence of self-reported symptoms).

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