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About ProtectWell™

ProtectWell™ is a civic and personal health company. We make it easy for communities, businesses and people to keep going strong in the face of infectious disease.

That means we give everyone (individuals, business owners, leaders) simple ways to protect the overall health of their community, while ensuring their own safety and wellbeing.

Today's platform is designed to manage COVID-19 with:
- Return to workplace and personal guidance with easy but impactful steps for successfully re-opening and staying healthy.
- Simple and reliable technology that quickly screens for symptoms, directs actions people should take, verifies whether someone is healthy or sick, and provides reporting about the health of the community.

Places we protect

ProtectWell is working with corporations, small businesses, schools, as well as the retail and hospitality industry across the country to build a better version of our society.

Frequently asked questions

What is ProtectWell™ and how does it support return to work or return to the office?

ProtectWell is a digital solution that integrates symptom checks, testing (at employers’ discretion and subject to availability) and guidance. It was designed to help employers identify certain employees who may be at a higher risk for returning to work based on Center for Disease Control guidelines, supporting employers in their efforts to safeguard their workplace as part of their back to work efforts.

ProtectWell™ was developed by UnitedHealth Group, in collaboration with Microsoft, as an innovative return-to-work solution for use by employers in bringing employees back to work in a safer environment. The app is a simple, speedy, and seamless experience for easy, everyday use.  It is powered by Microsoft Azure, AI and analytics solutions, and takes advantage of the Microsoft healthcare bot service, which is being used around the world for AI-assisted COVID-19 symptom triaging.

The ProtectWell app can be used, based on employer preferences and choices, with its companion administrative app and portal to set rules and process around clearing employees for daily work. ProtectWell also offers employers workforce planning support through dashboard views and reporting.

The ProtectWell Return to Work document is a curated compendium of information and recommendations that incorporates Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and the latest clinical research that is intended to help employers establish guidelines to support the health and safety of their workforce and workplace.

How accurate is the ProtectWell screening?

The screening questions are based on federal guidelines for COVID-19 screening, established by the CDC. We use the CDC’s screening protocol as a foundation and update it as new symptoms are identified or protocols evolve. The screening questions and protocol cannot be customized by the customer.

How does ProtectWell compare to other solutions in the market?

ProtectWell™ includes a symptomchecker for COVID-19 using CDC protocols, which offers clearance for return towork .    

Who can use ProtectWell? Is this limited to customers, partners, and employees of UnitedHealth Group/UnitedHealthcare?

Our intent is to make ProtectWell available to employers nationwide and, eventually, to the entire U.S. population, including via online sign-up. Note that ProtectWell is not tied to employee benefits or insurance products.
See ProtectWell Privacy Policy.

What type of tests are integrated with the ProtectWell App?

The ProtectWell solution does not actually administer testing. Testing will be made available at designated COVID-19 testing sites, mobile locations and/or at home, and are based on the partner organization’s specific arrangements. Certain partners are also offering courier service to deliver and collect test kits at home. ProtectWell will support many different types of testing offered by its lab partners as long as the test has been FDA-approved.  
See ProtectWell Privacy Policy.

What data privacy laws do you follow?

ProtectWell will comply with applicable state and federal privacy laws. Consistent with common occupational health practices, a worker’s employer will be able to see whether a test result was positive or negative. This visibility is critical to maintain well-being and safety in the workplace, giving confidence to the employees who are working there as well as the patients or customers who are interacting with employees. Any such medical test results may be shared by the testing lab with ProtectWell and the employer only with express permission from the employee (which would be obtained at installation of the app or prior to ordering of the test). See ProtectWell Privacy Policy.

ProtectWell is offered to employers as an occupational health assessment tool and it is not a health plan benefit. As an occupational health offering, the data collected by ProtectWell and provided to the employer are employment health records, which are excluded from the definition of protected health information. For clarity, in providingProtectWell, UnitedHealth Group is not acting as covered entity nor a business associate subject to Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To the extent an individual has a COVID test scheduled or ordered through ProtectWell:
       ·       The lab performing the test is a healthcare provider and a “covered entity” under HIPAA.  The lab’s use of such data is subject toHIPAA. 
        ·       Prior to being able to schedule a lab test, the individual will be required by the ProtectWell App to agree to a HIPAA consent that authorizes the lab to provide the results to ProtectWell and the individual’s employer.
        ·       When ProtectWell and the employer receive those results, those results (as received by and in the hands of ProtectWell and the employer) are not subject to HIPAA, but the lab itself continues to be subject to HIPAA with respect to such results.
        ·       For purposes of comparison, a pre-employment screening drug test operates similarly: the individual would also have agreed to a HIPAA release authorizing the lab that performed the test to release the results to the potential employer outside of HIPAA.

UHG Research & Development may only use or disclose any personally identifiable information collected by the ProtectWell service as disclosed in the ProtectWell privacy policy.  The contract between UHG Research & Development and the employer may contain additional restrictions on UHGResearch & Development’s use of such data.

The employer’s use of personally identifiable information disclosed to it may be subject to applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. 

The employer’s use of personally identifiable information disclosed to it may be subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  Under CCPA, ProtectWell serves as a service provider to the employer, and thus has no direct CCPA compliance requirements.

Who will use the data collected and for what purpose? Will Microsoft have access to people’s data?

In addition to the primary employer use, we may provide de-identified data to appropriate government entities as a resource to support national and local COVID-19 response efforts now and in the future. UnitedHealth Group Research& Development may use de-identified data to support public health, epidemiology and research purposes to advance the fight against COVID-19. See ProtectWell Privacy Policy.  

Microsoft is providing platform services to enable ProtectWell and provides the underlying technology that enables closed loop ordering and reporting of test results directly back to the employer. Microsoft does not access customers’ data, and fully believes that a customers’ data is their own and that data belongs to those who generate it. For more information, please see the Microsoft Trust Center. UnitedHealth Group will manage health data and reporting to employers and their employees.

Is contact tracing included in or supported by the app?

Not at this time. We are constantly evaluating technologies and options for improving ProtectWell and helping companies orchestrate a safe and strategic return to work. While contact tracing could provide retrospective information useful for controlling potential outbreaks, high levels of participation and detailed information about a person’s activity and whereabouts are required for it to work. We do not currently see contact tracing as a viable solution, as public sentiment and data privacy concerns have so far made it infeasible to achieve a high level of participation, and especially so in the employment context.

How much does ProtectWell cost?

There is no fee or payment required to use ProtectWell for the remainder of 2020.

How do I get started?

You can visit to get further familiarized with the app, watch a demonstration and download ProtectWell’s free Return to Work Guidelines to ensure your business is prepared. You can also register into one of our recurrent live webinars emailing us at Once you are ready to sign in, we will send you a contract for your review and signature. Upon receipt of the signed contract we will put you in a line to get scheduled for implementation.

The ProtectWell app and its administrative portal are not intended to provide medical advice to the employer or its employees, and the employer is solely responsible for seeking independent advice and making, in its own judgment, a determination of what the employer’s own return-to-work policies and practices will be. ProtectWell is designed as a means for the employer to administer such policies and practices, but not as a recommendation of what those policies and practices should be. ProtectWell relies on self-reported data supplemented, when such functionality is subscribed for, by the results of third party tests, and does not provide any relevant data when the employee is asymptomatic with no symptoms of illness and there are no test results (beyond the absence of self-reported symptoms).

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