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How It Works

Now you can have the simple technology and clear guidance that you can use to help protect your employees, customers and reputation so you can get back to business and stay strong.


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Provide information about your business by submitting a Contact Us request (below) and a Representative will contact you to initiate the registration process.


Complete your onboarding

Your representative will provide you the information and tools you need to get your organization set up with ProtectWell.


Help protect your team

ProtectWell helps to safeguard your employees, your clients and your business from risk and sets the highest standard for occupational safety.

Get prepared

Get prepared

To help you stay informed and safely re-open your business, ProtectWell uses frequently updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You can also get your workplace ready for business by using our resources and customizable products. To get prepared, consider the following: 

- Confirm your region is ready
- Determine if you want to bring your employees back to work
- Conduct research on products and services to find the right fit

Key Benefits

Tools to verify the health status of employees and customers 

Comfort in knowing that smart, simple actions by connected individuals can reduce health risks for everyone

Peace-of-mind that with reliable, real-time data, you can help protect your employees and customers from illness using reasonable countermeasures and keep your business reputation on track

Get smart

Through daily symptom screening, ProtectWell helps employers identify employees who are reporting symptoms indicating a higher risk, and manage having employees where indicated stay at home or get tested. Here's how to get smart:

- Download ProtectWell guidelines
- Select package option and sign contract
- Gain access to admin console (coming soon)
- Evaluate physical space

Key benefits

Fast and easy symptom checking for your employees

A more definitive view of who’s cleared to work with integrated testing and resources 

Good to go



Shortness of Breath

Get ready

ProtectWell enhances the safety of your workplace in combination with hygiene and safety measures to more confidently re open your doors. To get ready:

- Prepare site with signage and supplies
- Train and prepare security and HR
- Communicate to employees
- Activate employee access to ProtectWell app

Key benefits

Educate employees on the power of daily symptom screening

Empower your staff to maintain a healthy work environment



Get going

Daily symptom checking helps keep other healthy habits such as masking, distancing, and hygiene top-of-mind. And, the ProtectWell self-service dashboard keeps track of of who's cleared to work and who isn’t, providing a detailed view on the health of your workforce including employee hot spots.
You can get going by:

- Driving daily usage of ProtectWell
- Enforcing usage at site entry
- Enabling multi-channel capture
- Running compliance reporting

Key benefits

Monitor compliance across your enterprise and get detailed breakouts of individual work site compliance

Stay ahead of the curve by seeing how many employees are requesting a test kit

Easily access clearance status and employee clearance status

Good to go

Kassie A

Justin K

Samantha Q

Get connected

Join thousands of individuals and organizations who are returning to life with confidence. In the future, ProtectWell will offer connections to third-party solutions allow you to: 

- Expand and connect to other services
- Integrate with other systems and tools

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