How you are physically feeling and mentally feeling are connected in helping you stay healthy. 

Every day, ProtectWell reminds you to take stock of how you’re feeling, making it easy to keep track of your physical health if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. 

But what about your mental health? It’s equally important to frequently check in with what’s going on with your mind, emotional responses, sleep patterns, etc.—and even more so in a pandemic. 

The “New Normal” is anything but. 

Even minor life changes can trigger strong emotional responses. The COVID-19 virus has had a demonstrable impact, not just on physical health, but mental health as well.  

The extra stress of life in a pandemic can manifest in a number of ways. According to the CDC, struggling with fear and stress management can result in1

  • Disrupted sleep patterns 
  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating 
  • Increased use of alcohol and/or drugs 
  • Changes in eating or exercise habits 
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities 

All of these factors can knock you out of your sense of what is “normal,” making it even more difficult to cope with new challenges. 

There are also some simple things you can do to protect your mental health. The CDC has some recommendations that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine2

  • Take time to connect with others, even online. Seeing familiar faces and sharing feelings can make a big difference. 
  • Take breaks from social media and do activities you enjoy. Start a new hobby, go for a walk, play brain-teaser games.  
  • Avoid excessive alcohol or drug consumption. The goal is to create healthy habits. 
  • Get some exercise to release endorphins and help you sleep. 

In the last year, many mental health professionals have opened up their practices to telemedicine. This can be a huge boon to people who need support. If you are suffering from increased anxiety, stress, depression, or substance use, please contact your care provider for help.

Returning to Work 

After an extended period of teleworking and getting used to a new routine, returning to work and interacting with other people comes with its own anxieties. Readjusting to an in-office routine may be challenging. And you may be nervous about the behaviors of others around you.

By introducing safety protocols and adding ProtectWell to your worksite, you can help instill trust that employees are practicing appropriate measures, such as completing daily symptom and exposure screening in the ProtectWell app. This “trust” is one step in helping everyone feel more comfortable about getting back together. 

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