The ProtectWell™ symptom-tracking app is giving researchers a real-time view into patients’ symptoms in order to qualify for home-infusion therapy in an observational study of a COVID-19 treatment. The study will identify and treat a large, diverse population of high-risk individuals for COVID-19 with a goal of reducing the severity of illness and hospitalizations.

Volunteers enrolled in the United in Research study will track their symptoms daily on the ProtectWell app. If volunteers indicate through ProtectWell that they are experiencing symptoms, UnitedHealth Group will arrange for them to be sent or take a COVID-19 test. Those who test positive will receive an in-home infusion of bamlanivimab, the Lilly antibody treatment, administered by an Optum infusion nurse. Patients will continue to track their symptoms via ProtectWell, giving daily insight to symptoms as they progress through the study.

“By partnering with Lilly, we hope to make a difference in the current pandemic, and to make real strides in our ultimate goal to eradicate infectious disease,” said Jeremy Schroetter, ProtectWell President and General Manager.

ProtectWell’s inclusion in this study is a great example of how technology plus medical research can create a powerful tool in the race to find an effective COVID-19 treatment.

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