3 ways ProtectWell helps manage your vaccine card

Now that you’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine, you may ask, “What’s next? What do I do with this card they gave me? How do I remember when to get my second dose? Is there a way to easily share my newly vaccinated status with friends and family?”

The ProtectWell app helps you manage your journey, from keeping track of vaccination dates to readily accessing your vaccination status. Remembering, storing, sharing—ProtectWell helps you seamlessly navigate the particulars post-vaccination.

Here are three ways ProtectWell simplifies your vaccination journey:

1. Streamlined Vaccine Dose Tracking

Once you’ve been handed your CDC-issued vaccine card, you can create a digital one in your ProtectWell app. Simply select the “Create Vaccine Card” button in your app, and ProtectWell will walk you through adding a picture and entering a couple of pertinent details.

Second Dose Reminder

If you receive the Moderna or Pfizer-BioTech vaccine, you can choose to have ProtectWell set a reminder to get your second dose. No need to add it to your Google calendar or tie a string on your finger. After you get your booster shot, simply take or upload a new photo and update the details.

2. Simplified access

ProtectWell safely and securely stores your vaccine card. If you ever need to display your card for site entry or travel, you can easily access it on the app. You can use your fully vaccinated status to participate in newly available activities, such as spending time indoors and unmasked with other vaccinated people.1

Follow CDC Protocols

Don’t get ahead of yourself, though—the CDC recommends continuing to practice safeguards in public for now, so keep wearing your mask and social distancing.

3. Vaccination status badge for social media

ProtectWell also makes it easy to celebrate your vaccination with friends and family on social media. Once you’ve created your digital vaccine card, you can add a ProtectWell “I got my shot” badge to your social media accounts. Sharing the badge is a simple, safe way to help your network know you are protected.