Photographer: Jennifer Guenther

ProtectWell is proud to offer its screening technology to help participants confirm they are symptom and exposure free before entering the event. 

The annual Polar Plunge event to benefit Special Olympics Minnesota kicks off on Saturday, March 5 and continues every weekend through May. A series of events in which participants go to the extreme by jumping into a frozen lake, the Polar Plunge is the biggest fundraiser for Special Olympics Minnesota, providing financial support for year-round training and services to over 8,100 athletes across the state.

All participants in the in-person Polar Plunge events will be screened on arrival using the ProtectWell app. The app uses a simple symptom screener that takes just a few seconds. Participants answer one question, and the app will let them know if they are “Cleared” to participate or should “Stay Home” due to symptoms or exposure to COVID-19.

“We developed ProtectWell as a way to help people get back together. An event like this is a great example of how we can return to activities we love … but also feel more confident that those around us are following the right protocols,” said Jeremy Schroetter, President and General Manager of ProtectWell.

ProtectWell is helping organizations and communities find new ways to safely return to work, events and activities they have been unable to enjoy during the pandemic. The Polar Plunge will feature other safety measures, including social distancing and limited spectators. There will also be a virtual version for those who want to support Special Olympics Minnesota from home.

“We are excited to re-open this great annual event for Minnesotans. Providing a safe and fun experience for jumpers is extremely important to us. ProtectWell is a quick and easy way for participants to confirm they are symptom-free,” said Dave Dorn, President and CEO of Special Olympics Minnesota.

If you would like to know more about the Polar Plunge, please visit You can register as a participant or donate to support other participants.