Safe and Strategic Return to Work

ProtectWell is a platform integrating symptom checks, testing, and guidance for employers and employees. The following information is a compendium of sourced recommendations based on local and national guidelines, including those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of the date indicated herein.


Confirm your region is ready

  1. Confirm flattening curves


Prepare your worksite

  1. Review all guidelines
  2. Prepare the workspace
  3. Evaluate the physical space
  4. Make resources available
  5. Establish necessary policies
  6. Develop a response plan


Prepare your employees

  1. Develop a social contract
  2. Use ProtectWell daily
  3. Offer clear guidelines
  4. Provide mandatory training
  5. Consider lab testing


Begin return-to-work protocol

  1. High-risk work at home
  2. Employees back in waves


Ensure ongoing safety of employees and worksite

  1. Employees use ProtectWell
  2. Increase physical distance
  3. Utilize proper food service
  4. Maintain cleaning routine
  5. Have outbreak plan

This information is provided as guidance to employers to develop a safe and strategic return to work plan. The content is subject to change as guidelines are modified by the CDC and others. Please consult with appropriate professional advisors on designing and implementing your specific return to work plan. v 1.5, May 26, 2020