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ProtectWell is the simple, safer way to go back to school.


Register your higher
education institution

Provide information about your college or higher education and a ProtectWell representative will initiate
the registration process.


Complete your onboarding

We’ll send you a kit containing everything you need to complete your training and install your Checkpoint so you can open your doors.


Help protect your students and staff

ProtectWell helps to safeguard your students and staff from risk and sets the highest standard for occupational safety.

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Protecting faculty

ProtectWell unifies guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with data from federal, state and local health authorities to provide the information you need to operate your schools with safety in mind.

With ProtectWell, you have:

The confidence that workplaces and public spaces are using reasonable countermeasures, with campus members and staff self-reporting symptoms based on Center for Disease Control guidelines to identify higher risk individuals who should remain at home and help reduce the risk of infection.

The comfort in knowing the smart, simple actions, based on Center for Disease Control guidelines, that can help reduce the risk of spreading infection and help to protect the community.

The peace of mind that with reliable, real-time data, steps can be taken to make everyday life more safe and secure using reasonable countermeasures and good hygiene.

Help protect your students and staff

Through daily symptom screening, ProtectWell helps students and staff understand when they’re safe to attend school, when they should manage their symptoms at home, or whether they should get tested.

Key benefits

Fast and easy symptom checking for your students

A more definitive view of who’s cleared to work with integrated testing and vaccination status

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Shortness of Breath



Secure your school or campus

ProtectWell's proprietary Checkpoint technology combines health safety control with access control to enhance the safety of your school or campus.

Key benefits

ProtectWell Checkpoint uses big data and proprietary geofencing technology to reduce risk of exposure

Easy integration with leading access control solutions makes health checks as easy as badging in

Get instant alerts for potential exposure and guidance on what to do next

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