COVID-19’s positive effect on adoption of fresh tech

The COVID-19 pandemic altered so many areas of our lives, including how we work and what we do. Many of us are asking what will work will look like in the future. What trends will stick around, and how will they affect our jobs? ProtectWell reviewed research by McKinsey Global Institute for some answers.

Significant shifts in how the world works

McKinsey Global Institute’s research spanned eight countries with diverse economic and labor market models that account for 62 percent of global GDP. Results show the pandemic caused three significant shifts:

1. In-person to remote work

2. Onsite transactions to e-commerce

3. Human workforce to automation/artificial intelligence

These shifts will have a massive impact on the future workforce.

McKinsey Global Institute calls for companies to invest in training and educating employees to keep up with the changes.[1]

Mobile apps boost workspace communication

We see the shift from the traditional workforce to one predominantly connected digitally reflected in the adoption of mobile apps such as ProtectWell. Employees and employers can now communicate daily health status updates and vaccination status with the tools at their fingertips (literally). ProtectWell offers an efficient way to address workplace safety and comply with official health regulations.

Safe and healthy workplaces

In addition to accelerating tech adoption, the COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need to keep our workplaces safe and healthy.[2] Employees using ProtectWell may notice an increased awareness of how their health affects their work, whether staying home or even working while sick. Workplaces have also become increasingly aware of the need for transparency around sickness and health. ProtectWell simplifies decision-making about what to do when we feel sick, and it has shown us how good physical and mental health have an immediate, positive impact on our work.

New Technologies Are Our New Allies in the Fight Against COVID-19

Digital tools that began as a line of defense against the pandemic have earned their place as staples in the modern workplace. They’ve helped employers and employees build up healthy habits. They are also still our allies in our fight against COVID-19.

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